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Balark Relocations– A Packing and Moving Business with a Decent Profile

In an age of globalization, all the geographic borders are getting disappeared faster, and thus, it creates the necessity of the relocation of citizen across various regions. The economical upsurge is liable for the moving of residents in India. Currently, economic as well as political boundaries have nearly diluted; there is no hindrance in the procedure shifting, whether it is a house or office.

Balark Relocations is a contemporary packing and moving corporation that was established on the conviction that all our clients deserve the best moving solutions, which are customized as per the requirements of any modern way of life.

Know about Our Founder

Balark Relocations was founded by DILIP SINGH CHOUHAN as a specialized moving service provider with an innovative concept to help the customers during the most hectic period of the life- moving. Moreover, his main vision was mainly to construct a new kind of relocation business- a company, which would comprise all the services that a client would require during their transportation. Bringing these all together within a single package of company is the major factor that differentiates BALARK RELOCATIONS. Our founder has also stated that he wants to change the perception of any general moving company.

The Beginning of Our Business

Starting our journey in Pune as only a local moving business, our focus on detail and on the latest approach to car moving, house moving and commercial moving has promptly taken our company further. In the last decades, our employers have tried to extend their service, and it has undoubtedly helped us to work on a nationwide scale for any residential and corporate clients. Our network of relocation is recognized to several associations.

Our focus always remains the same; we try to comprehend the pressure, which is brought by the contemporary, and thus we want to combine a conventional approach to our way of transporting commodities. Every associate of our knowledgeable panels has a very dedicated function to play in all your moving solutions. Our members apply their knowledge and skills in order to present you a service, which is fully based on your needs.


For every corporation, leadership is significant in the everyday management and development as an industry matures. So, at Balark Relocations we think that presenting our workers career-oriented courses offers them a very genuine desire to afford excellent customer service. Every worker has the opportunity to mount the ladder in order to possess a personal franchise in due course 

Our Financial Support

With a considerable uncertainty of financial markets, credit contraction, and corporate profitability and energy charges, Balark Relocations remains on an extremely powerful financial balance.  We carry on investing in our business, promoting the safety of our firms for longer time.\

Health And Security Excellence All The Time

At Balark Relocations we are very proud of the great track record that we have created in the field of health and safety; we are dedicated to generating a secure working atmosphere in order to defend the interests not only of our employees but also of our customers. So, we have got many awards in this respect, and our accreditation confirms that Balark Relocations’ health and security management structures and processes meet remarkably high standards, constantly recognizing and regulating health or safety threats, reducing the possibility of mishaps, enhancing the overall security level, and assuring the complete legislative fulfillment.

Our Loyal Customers

Our long-term relationship with our customers is obviously an outcome of the specialized relationship that we cultivate with them. Balark Relocations has set up a friendly bond with our clients residing all over the country. We are offering our solutions to several types of MNC’s, Banks and Indian Navy and so on. Thus, our clients comprise not merely the individuals but even the several corporate units.

Our Transportation Facilities

Being a well-known packing and shifting business, our solutions for transporting your goods are really excellent. We present a variety of services, such as-

  • Unpacking Facilities
  • Local Transportation Service
  • Value Added Solutions
  • Corporate Goods Transfer
  • Packaging Service
  • Household Commodities Warehousing
  • Relocation Services
  • Vehicle Carrier Services

Storage Facilities

Balark Relocations’ full services along climate-controlled facilities for storage are the ideal solution for all those people, who are in need of additional storage area to keep significant household items.

Hand over your possessions to our storage and moving company. All our facilities are secure and protected and our specialized storage solutions are accessible to help you in transporting the things to or from the spots.

We stick to the essential standards and principles while loading and transferring your possessions in any place. Balark Relocations offers hassle-free transportation of your automobile with no risk of damage. In fact, we are specialized in caring your car.

Balark Relocations recognizes how essential it is that all phases of your transportation go efficiently and speedily. Whether you are shifting a small-sized apartment, a huge residential assets or a company of any scale, our qualified full-time workforce of proficient movers will surely get the work done rightly. Our workers are highly educated, uniformed and should follow the policy of the drug-free working background. We are licensed, approved and bonded, thus you can be certain that all your precious belongings are protected with us. 

Location Convenient To All

Our center is situated at such a place that it will be convenient to our customers. Our workplaces are also modern and fully equipped and the members of our staff are very affable. Moreover, they take a great pleasure in focusing on our clients’ need and also a new client will feel comfortable at our business premise.

In due course, we have developed a high status, which has motivated our clients to come to us again and again. And, we get new clients almost on every day; we give all possible efforts to make certain that more number of people recognize us.

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